Our featured person of the week: Archana Kalegaonkar

Over the six years Cary’s been leading writing retreats and workshops, we have gotten to know an impressive number of people working on some truly intriguing projects. Many of these projects are creative, some just simply improve life on this planet. This wonderful community has grown so large that we’ve decided to feature a person each week to highlight their creative or other socially significant endeavors. The people in Cary’s world tend to be of a certain special breed—we want you to have the chance to meet each other!

We are going to launch this project with our friend Archana whom we met at our Tuscan writing retreat in July. Here is a link to her blog, and below is a description of her work in her own words. Welcome, Archana!

I started this blog after coming back from my writing workshop with Cary in Tuscany in July 2013. Cary created a safe and enjoyable environment for a newbie like me to find her voice, and with the genuine and generous encouragement I got from the writing group (what a special bunch of people!), I took my first steps into sharing my voice with the world.

My blog is about everyday life’s wonders, from how morning unfolds in a bustling metropolis to the glory of a local sandwich, and all things in between. I’m currently in Mumbai, so I write about the people and things I see in the city. I like to write to connect with people on the simple things, because I believe they are the things that matter the most, and connecting with each other is also what matters the most. I hope my readers get as much joy from reading about life’s little wonders as I do in writing about them.

If you are working on a creative or social project that you would like highlighted on our website, drop us a line at info@carytennis.com. Please write “featured artist” in the subject line so we make sure that your message ends up in the right place.