Random thoughts/Me today

Reading at Tasso Hostel

Well, I thought I’d just check in. Actually Norma came in my office/kitchen just now and on her way out said that if I had any “content” for the site that it would not be a bad thing. So here is some content.

I live in Italy now.

We’re getting a new kitchen.

I ate roast beef with artichokes for lunch at this place we go to almost every day lately while we’re getting a kitchen (my office is kind of a kitchen too but not the kind of kitchen you’d actually cook anything in) La Sfizieria, which is just one of many many wonderful places to eat here in Castiglion Fiorentino. Another wonderful place to eat, actually, is our friends Alfeo and Miranda’s kitchen, where we ate last night, but they have to invite you and everything, it’s quite complicated, I do not think you can just show up and ask — or maybe you can? I must ask them if anyone has ever just appeared at their door and said, Can I eat here? That would be weird. ‘Cause they’re just our friends. They don’t have a restaurant, though if you stay at their place, Le Santucce, and you’re part of a group, then you get breakfast. Wow, speaking of which, we’re getting people coming in June to our thing, our writing workshop thing, that we do in June. Maybe I’ll make a link to it but maybe we’ll just assume you know about it and if you don’t you can find out. Because it’s probably plastered all over the front of this web site. (I think it is but I haven’t looked lately–Seriously!)

So the idea is that I’ll post “content” frequently as part of our  “internet strategy.”

Aren’t “quote marks” useful?

Seriously, I could go on and on about so many things but I’m going to try to keep it light and brief. If you have any questions or things that annoy you especially if there are annoying things that annoy you and are also unusual, please feel free to let me know.

Cheers, ci vediamo, till next time, hope it’s soon!–ct

Oh, p.s. almost forgot, holy crap how could I almost forget well it’s been 3 years now in Italy: Happy Friggin’ Thanksgivin!