Trying to Learn Vibrato

I am trying to learn vibrato. I am trying to learn to bend strings.

I have played guitar for over fifty years. But I never learned the blues and rock techniques of string bending and slow vibrato.

When I began playing guitar I studied with a locally legendary Hollywood Florida guitar player and teacher named Del Staton. He admonished me never to have my thumb hanging over the top of the neck. He emphasized a strictly classical style. Somehow I went through my whole life never learning these essential rock and roll techniques.

Until I come to Michele Castellani here in Italy for lessons. And here I am a home now, after my most recent lesson with Michele, sitting in my oversize IKEA armchair, practically lying on my back, trying to acquire this new motion in my left hand, this twisting vibrato motion with my thumb wrapped around the top of the neck. It works fine until I wrap my thumb around the neck. I do it over and over again.

One day I will have great vibrato.