A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City

Stories by Benjamin Wachs

Benjamin Wachs is a friend and an artist whose work I admire, and when he first came to the workshop in 2009 he displayed an unusual capacity for spinning complete tales on the spot. His grasp of history and philosophy was impressive and there was an intriguing opacity about his technique and approach. Many of his tales happened in bars, where philosophical discussions would become violent, or where angels or biblical figures would order fine cocktails and debate sociology. There was a library whose walls were made of books. There was a small store that sold the histories of children. There were magical whores; there were cab drivers debating the evils of home DVRs. There were abstruse arguments held in distant lands and it was often not clear whether the academic arguments were of this world or completely fabricated.

So, wanting to get Benjamin’s work in front of people, my wife Norma and I designed and edited this collection to bring Benjamin’s work to the public. Despite epochal upheaval in the book business, the world will now see a sliver of Benjamin Wachs’ remarkable talent. More books will come from him, we are sure.

Welcome to the first. Welcome to A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City. Welcome to Benjamin’s world.

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–Cary Tennis

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