Do you have a great writing project that you just can’t seem to complete?

Wouldn't it feel great to finally get it done?

Sure it would. It would be awesome. But how?

The answer is Finishing School.

It works! It works so well that legendary publishing house Penguin will publish our book about it, Finishing School: The Happy Ending To That Writing Project You Can’t Seem To Get Done, in January 2017. Co-written by me (Cary Tennis) and Danelle Morton, the book will bring this method to a large international audience. But you can start right now.

Finishing School is so simple and effective, people have used it for all kinds of projects: memoirs, book proposals, poetry, essay and short story collections, novels and screenplays. But anyone can use it. One woman used it to de-clutter her house; another conceived of and organized a film festival.

So … What have you been putting off? Wouldn’t it feel great to just get it done? You can order a copy of  Finishing School here.