True inspiration comes from within

But great surroundings can't hurt

Come to Guest House in Chester, Connecticut, May 16-19, 2014, and get in touch with yourself.

Cary Tennis will be there with his Amherst Writers and Artists workshop getaway. So if you’ve wanted to attend one of the great California workshops but you live on the East Coast, that would make it, like, ideal.


Guest House is a beautiful, secluded gem of a retreat and conference center on the Connecticut River, a 2-1/2 hour drive from New York and Boston. Its mission is to create opportunities for transformational work, and to provide a nurturing environment for people seeking to develop human potential and enrich the world.

How cool is that?! So:

Increase your creativity.

Contact rich memories.

Write with greater ease.

Meet creative people.


It works like this:

“Cary Tennis has it all,” says Amherst Writers and Artists founder Pat Schneider. “He’s funny, he’s kind, he’s smart he’s brave, and he’s very, very wise.”

The writer needs solitude and the writer needs community. The Guest House writing retreat offers both. Daily Amherst Writers and Artists-style workshops unlock imaginative forces and stimulate creative thinking. One-on-one conferences allow writers to discuss aspirations, identify obstacles and set creative goals. In the workshops writers challenge taboos, uncover powerful memories and overcome longstanding creative blocks. Ample time remains to wander, write, eat, sleep, laugh, swim, lie on the ground, look at the sky, wonder why it’s there, etc. In the evenings after dinner the group gathers to read aloud from favorite works, play music, perform and generally just have fun without TV.

By the fourth day, one feels invigorated, sharpened and ready to face the significant joys and challenges of the creative task ahead.

Participation is limited. Spaces are filling up.

Save $150 and sign up by Friday, Feb. 14!