Now *this* makes sense: Attend a writing workshop in a gorgeous French château!

  ChateauFrontViewFind your voice and hone your craft with renowned workshop leader Cary Tennis in France’s lush Loire Valley in this huge, historic chateau.

The French Château Writers Workshop and Retreat will take place August 29-September 4, 2016 at the Château du Pin, a grand French chateau surrounded by 300 acres of topiary, formal gardens, parks, woodland trails and vineyards.

Busy Writing du Pin 2014_smallerIn this workshop you will be:

You will emerge:
•Knowing what your story is
•Trusting  your own voice
•Eager to finish your project

Make your next vacation a learning vacation:
•Travel independently but have a group
•Engage your mind
•Be more than a tourist: Be an honored guest!
•Great for beginners and seasoned pros too

Prices include seven days of lodging, workshops, individual manuscript and craft conference with Cary, daily breakfast, incredible four-course dinners prepared and served each night by our private chef.

Cary at the Gates Chateau du Pin 2014Small room with shared bath, payment in full: $1799

Large room with shared bath, payment in full: $1999

Large room with private bath, payment in full: $2199

Deposit to hold any room: $850

Share a room and save! If you share your room with one other person your price of registration goes down.
If you share a room with two other people your registration goes down even more! Email us at for more details.

TopiaryPondSome of the rooms are small singles and others are very large with king- or queen-sized beds. All workshops, breakfast, nightly family-style dinners, and a private conference with Cary are included in the price of registration.

Mornings and most afternoons are devoted to Amherst Writer’s and Artists-style writing workshops, which will take place in the Grand Salon on the ground floor. When workshops are not taking place, the entire ground floor, including the tower library, Grand Salon, Petit Salon, dining room are at your disposal for reading, writing, dreaming, and relaxing throughout the day.

Feel free to wander into a secluded nook in the gardens to write, walk the trails of Le Pin, relax by the pond in the formal garden, or venture into the charming small town of Champtoce-sur-Loire. The French government has officially classified Le Pin as a “Monument Historique” and the Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication has awarded the “Des Jardins Remarquables” designation to Le Pin’s gardens and grounds.

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Click here for directions to the Château du Pin.

Allez, on y va!