Writing Workshops with Cary Tennis


The Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method can help you write freely and easily and have fun doing it. Find a new joy and fluidity through this simple, ingenious and humane practice founded by poet and memoirist Pat Schneider. The AWA philosophy is that every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a safe environment in which to experiment and develop craft. In order to preserve this environment, everything in the writing workshop is treated as fiction and all writing is kept confidential. In addition, all pieces written in the workshop are responded to with encouragement rather than negative critique.

I avoid workshops because of the damage they can do to writers. Cary’s workshops are nothing but helpful, quietly and subtly leading writers to do their best in an open and welcoming environment.
— Randy Osborne, Author of Big Pinch World, Made of This, and a forthcoming memoir

The best thing about the AWA method is that work gets produced in the workshop and people become more productive. It is good for getting into the voice of a project that has been inactive for a while, because it’s meant to stir the imagination and emotions.

People of all levels of experience from absolute beginners to published professionals attend these workshops, and the AWA method works for all genres. In the past we’ve had fiction writers, food writers, journalists, screenwriters, poets, sci fi writers among those who’ve taken the workshop. For more information, email info@carytennis.com or call 415.308.5685.